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    Shenzhen megarich Electronics Co., Ltd is the enterprise information management system based on bar code technology as the core of the comprehensive solution provider program. The company is the United States INTERMEC, DATAMAX, ZEBRA, CODESOFT, RICOH and other world famous Japanese enterprises authorized by the chief agent of automatic identification and maintenance service providers, they are also the development of the company's core partners.

    Company sales agent in addition to well-known brands of barcode printers, barcode reader, barcode printing software, barcode printing ribbon, two in Baoan, Houjie built label printing factory, factory equipment, management technology of bone is excellent, with a large number of printing industry, to help customers solve the various problems encountered in the application of the product label in.

     Megarich electronics set up a wireless network management system is a complete set of mature solutions

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Telephone: 0755-83844701

Email: info@szzybarcode.com

URL: http://www.bgcosm.com

Address: Shenzhen city Nanshan District liuxiandong industrial area A1 building 6 floor East Shun and Tatsu Factory

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